What if there was a way to see the world differently?

What if there was way you could look at the world around you and see things as if you were seeing them for the first time? We are all surrounded with things, but do we really see them like we did before; do we use them, do they inspire us? Is there a way to restore our consciousness? I see design as a great opportunity to answers those questions, so here I am... 

I try to change people's perspectives, that's what I do. I do this through product design, installations, and experiments. 

Born and raised in Istanbul as the youngest son of a carpenter and a visionary father; my surname comes from our fourth generation of wood-working history. "Nakisci" ( nakkaş ) means "embroiderer" and "muralist" in Turkish, that means paying attention to the detail.

And similarly, I am trying give people things that they can make things with. Things that make you imagine. 

Hope you enjoy the journey,