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Mist, glass containers.

Set of 3.


Designed by Tamer Nakışçı for Turkish glassware brand Nude, the 'Mist' vase offers an exceptionally creative way to present flowers. Made from clear, lead-free corrugated crystal, the surface of the vase presents a ripple effect through which stems are slightly blurred, redirecting the eye to the petals while simultaneously reflecting the colours below. This item can also be used to store newspapers, books or magazines.

Mist for NUDE
"The rippled effect creates an optical illusion reflecting the different colours of the contents in a surreal way. Flowers are beautifully presented in these vases, the undulation blurring the stems, bringing into focus the colour of the petals. However the wider versions are also suited to storing newspapers, books or magazines. Simple but unique, these items works both in a domestic and professional environment."
—Domus Magazine .