Tile Wall, RA London


Royal Academy of Arts, Burlington Gardens

Summer 2015 London, UK

Tile Wall, Interactive Installation.
July - September 2015  
Sponsored by Turkish Ceramics.
Curator: Kate Goodwin, RA  |  Agency: ING Media
Production: / N A K I S C I  +  SET WORKS

Tile Wall is a public installation that took place in Royal Academy of Arts, London. The installation featured 600 pieces of different Turkish ceramic tiles which can be arranged freely on a blank wall through a special magnetic system. 


Sponsored by Turkish Ceramics, the project aims to bring people a different and closer look to the ceramic material itself while promoting the variety of Turkish Ceramics. The result was an ever-changing art work of creativity.

tilewall tamer nakisci royal academy of arts.jpg
installationtamer nakisci